Vacation on four paws - safely with dog on vacation

Vacation is the most beautiful time of the year - and in many cases the planned destination is even luxuriously close. So what could be more natural than to spontaneously drive by car to the sea or to the mountains? Of course, the four-legged family members should also have something from the vacation, but how do dogs actually travel safely in the car?

Legal first - how the legislator sees the dog in the car

The simplest and safest method for the dog in the car is the dog box. This more or less spacious box is simply installed in the trunk and you do not have to worry about anything else. This is good for station wagons and larger vehicles, but at the latest with additional luggage it can then become tight on vacation trips.
Should you just strap your dog in the car and drive off? The situation is not quite so simple (also legally), because in the case of a police control then a fine threatens. By law, dogs are considered cargo and must be secured accordingly to prevent them from slipping and falling. But up to 75, - euro fine and another 60, - euro plus a point in Flensburg with acute endangerment you accept surely still, in the foreground is however the security of your dog. How can you ensure that even without a dog box

Strap dog in the car - the safety belt for the dog

First of all, you need a suitable car harness for your four-legged friend, so that you can hook it into the system of your choice. In addition to a good fit, you should also pay attention to robust hooks and fully sewn eyelets, so that your dog is well secured even in the event of emergency braking.
With the Safety belt dog or bitch to secure also requires a harness. Thus, your quadruped is stabilized by a triangle of forces in all directions. But you should supplement such systems with protective mat and partition grid.
A car safety buckle, a harness and a belt system are ideal especially for medium-sized dogs. You can tell if the harnesses and buckles are safe by the GS seal for tested safety.
For larger dog breeds, there is hardly any way around a dog box for the trunk. With small dogs, on the other hand, you have many transport options, even in a small car.
The simplest solution here is the dog transport box or a softer safety tube. A transport box made of metal is basically more resistant to accidents than a lighter, cheaper version made of plastic. These can be stowed in the trunk (with additional straps) or footwell, but on long journeys it can then be a bit uncomfortable for the dog.
A dog basket is virtually a Dog car seat, comparable with the child seat for the back seat. This is the most comfortable option for small dog breeds. Of course, here you still need a suitable harness and have your dog with harness or Car safety buckle fix.
The same applies to soft bags, which must also be secured with straps.
But there are also special dog seats for the car, which are secured with a floor and four side parts in all directions. In the dog seat, dogs must still be strapped in and the seat must also be strapped in the vehicle. For this you do not need a special dog blanket to keep the upholstery fur-free and can use the dog seat as a carry bag and basket for the vacation home.
At most, you should use rear seat barriers or and partition grids as additional security. These create a spatial separation and many barriers are even padded, but never in all directions. In the event of an evasive maneuver, an unbuckled four-legged friend would therefore be flung into the door panel.

With the dog as a passenger

Basically, there are many solutions how you can safely and comfortably go on vacation with dog, without worrying about the welfare and safety of your four-legged friends. Which solution is the best for you depends mainly on the size and breed of your dog and, of course, the space of your car.
However, it is not enough with the equipment, because you should additionally plan some acclimatization time. Accustom your dog at home slowly to harness and boxes and provide a dog-friendly climate during the trip. Then nothing will stand in the way of a relaxed vacation.