About us

Mypfote.com is a dog online shop for Personalized and printed collarsFor the best friend of man. Since we have taken the MyPfote.com online shop in November 2020, we invested a lot of time and love in this shop, because it is particularly important to our customers offer good service. We are hundred dog owners and our "fragility" chico is always with us. We test our own products with him and what we like well, we take up in our assortment.

The unique and individually designed fashionably high-quality dog ​​collars show the personality of your four-legged friend. True to the motto:"The collar with special touch"Is the collar of your fur friend of us individually personalized. The original, specially tailored necklace is not only high-quality processed, but is just in the eye.

Our Mypfe collars are tailored with a lot of love and a lot of joy. We only use selected, high-quality and harmless materials for making your whole Personal new favorite collar.

Look forward to your dog on your New special collar: Because the Individuality of your dog It needs a name, we have founded my pact for her. Give your dog's attention to your dog.

Best regards,

Steffi & Lars Denzer