Dog Trainer / Dog Whisperer - Does a dog trainer make sense?

What does a dog trainer do?

Der Hundetrainer und Hundeflüsterer

A dog trainer works, for example, with dogs of private owners or with four-legged friends from the shelter and on their behavior in everyday situations. They train your dog to interact with people and animals. The dog trainer works closely with the dog owner and together they teach the four-legged friend detailed basic commands and fundamental behaviors in everyday life. In addition, if necessary, your dog can be prepared for upcoming dog sports or behavioral tests.

What is a dog whisperer?

A good dog whisperer has a wide range of dog experience. He has acquired this in the first place in the education and within the dog training. A dog whisperer has both theoretical and practical experience with his own and other people's dogs. A good example is that the most frequent conflicts between four-legged and two-legged dogs arise due to unclear dominance structures. A perfect dog whisperer recognizes this immediately and can help you in a very short time. He is skilled in asserting himself consistently yet lovingly.

A dog whisperer has exceptionally enormous empathy and can also perfectly respond to the needs of dog owners and four-legged friends. He recognizes quite accurately when his protégé, no matter whether dog or human, is overstrained or understrained with a specific situation. Finally, the most important thing: A dog whisperer has an extraordinary amount of patience and love for his "students". All the skills he wants to teach your dog, he also passes on to you, among others. Thus, you also learn how to express yourself. Through this your dog understands what you expect from him.

What is the maximum price for a good dog trainer / dog whisperer?

As a dog owner, it is natural to look at the costs that will be incurred for the training of your pet. Nevertheless, you will quickly realize that there are all kinds of differences. There exist exemplary dog trainers who offer their services at knockdown prices. This can be especially the case if the dog trainer has simply not enjoyed sufficient and cost-intensive training. Mostly, these are dog trainers who do their job solely on the side, i.e. as a second or additional income.

The goal of such dog trainers is unfortunately not to give the dog owner and his four-legged friend an extraordinary education, but to obtain a side income in an uncomplicated way. Often supposedly favorable dog trainers turn out as large barrel without soil, because the hoped for learning successes fail and the dog owner must accomplish substantially more instruction hours, than thought and intended.

For qualitatively good dog trainers it will be extraordinarily difficult to join the lower price segment, because they have invested enormous time and capital in an intensive education and are active in it for the time being full-time. Please continuously prefer a trained dog trainer, even though the price may potentially seem a bit higher at first. They will save you a lot of costs for obligatory additional lessons.

Where can I find the best possible dog trainer?

With a dog trainer, you and your four-legged friend will receive professional support in everyday training. Many dog schools have good quality dog trainers at your disposal. Nevertheless, here you are time-bound to the lessons of the dog schools. For this very reason, it is of great advantage to consider a confidential dog trainer from your local area.

On the one hand, this has the added value that you can get to know selectable dog trainers in advance without obligation. And on the other hand you are not bound again and again to the opening times of the dog schools. So you can set quite separately with the dog trainer of your choice calendar entries for dog training.