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Normally, the family dog is present during the majority of outings, within the kinship visits as well as shopping. Last but not least, the four-legged friend is constantly valued as a full and beloved member of the family. The situations, in which he is left for a short time for itself at home or must wait in the passenger car, are usually rare. As a rule, he is equally part of the majority of holiday trips. But at the latest when mistress, master or the complete relatives set off on a long flight, the darling cannot always travel with them as a matter of course.

Today, several airlines offer the opportunity to let the four-legged friend travel with them. Admittedly, every flight carries a risk and this means plenty of stress and excitement for your dog. In addition, you should not lose sight of the financial aspect, because a plane ticket costs at least 100 to 300 €. These stressful situations should be avoided urgently. So treat your darling to some relaxing days in a nice and high-quality dog boarding kennel.

But even if a significant hospital stay or a cure is pending for master or mistress, the four-legged darling must be accommodated in the best possible way. He cannot be supplied with the help of the other family members, friends or neighbours in the roof over the head. Afterwards a good animal pension offers itself likewise here. The majority of dog boarding kennels are often run professionally as a permanent business. Some are in private hands. Exactly, it is not easy to find a good and high-quality dog boarding kennel.

In the upcoming lines we would like to give you some valuable and helpful hints, which will assist you during the selection of an ideal dog boarding kennel. Furthermore, we will equally present you an alternative solution to the dog boarding kennel.

What is a kennel and a dog hotel - are there differences?

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As briefly mentioned at the beginning, a dog boarding kennel can be a wonderful and at the same time helpful possibility to accommodate your four-legged friend in good conscience if you cannot have him with you for a few days. Frequently, pet boarding facilities are likewise referred to as dog hotels. This designation can lead in every respect to various confusions and confusion. Because there are in fact equally correct dog hotels, nevertheless, one means by this a hotel that is compatible both for the dog owner and equally for the dog itself. Thanks to these dog hotels, dog owners and four-legged friends can experience a completely relaxed holiday together.

Nevertheless, there are dog owners who are of the opinion that there are some differences in the general accommodation and comfort feeling in addition to a dog hotel and a pension. This can be the case, nevertheless it does not have to be

How good are dog boarding facilities really?

There are many dog owners who find it particularly difficult to allow their four-legged darling to stay in a kennel. These feelings are nevertheless completely normal and legitimate. Now one should mention nevertheless positively that the stay for the most frequent dogs generally does not represent a problem. Many like-minded people and playmates exist in the boarding houses. In high-quality dog boarding kennels, the four-legged friend regularly gets outside and can thus romp in the greenery. Of course, one can by no means make a hundred percent statement that is compatible for all dog boarding kennels. As a dog owner, it is therefore advisable to find out precisely in advance about the dog boarding facility and the daily routine.

How often will the dogs be walked every day?

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Unfortunately, no authoritative opinions can be made about how many times the caretakers walk the dogs. Regardless, before choosing a due dog boarding facility, you should be informed in detail about how frequently the caretakers in charge walk the stationed dogs. It is extremely important that your dog is allowed out in the fresh air and in the countryside at least 3 times a day. This is nevertheless the least that a dog boarding facility should provide. It is of course nicer and more pleasant for your dog if he is allowed to go outside to a suitable playground for hours a day.

What does a kennel cost me?

The costs for a dog pension are strongly different, because these depend primarily on the range of the conceivable offers. If your four-legged friend is content with a clean communal kennel, regular feeding times and a little outdoor exercise, then you can expect a reasonable price. Some more expensive luxury dog boarding facilities try to take complete care of your beloved dog during the holidays, including freshly prepared organic food, massages and mental challenge games such as dog sports like agility.

If you choose that level of care, you can expect to pay up to €100 a day in extreme cases. A good average care in a dog pension is quite clearly cheaper. The German Animal Welfare Association considers a daily rate of up to 20 € for tiny dog breeds and a daily rate of up to a maximum of 25 € for enormous four-legged friends to be appropriate.

How do I find a high-quality and suitable dog boarding kennel?

In order to find a high-quality dog boarding kennel and start your holiday with a good feeling, do the dog boarding kennel check beforehand. So that your darling also feels 100% comfortable.