Dog sitter - Best friend and guardian at the same time

If you are not comfortable with the basic idea of a Dog boarding dog sitter, then there is another great way to organize the care of your pet. It is ideal, of course, if you can accommodate your dog in the course of a holiday trip with family members or friends who already know your four-legged friend well. If this is out of the question, because the appropriate caregivers have long been scheduled, a good and loving dog sitter is usually the last possible choice.

What can I expect from a dog sitter?

A good dog sitter is usually characterized by his love for the animal. He brings a lot of experience in dealing with dogs and has a lot of empathy. Furthermore, the flawless caregiver has a flexible schedule and is continuously on site when you need him.

The dog sitter will walk your pet daily at the arranged times, feed him and be there for him at any time of the day. Extensive cuddling, playing and romping are also included.

You can recognize a good dog sitter by the fact that he welcomes your four-legged friend warmly and with open arms at the first contact anyway.

What should I look for when choosing a dog sitter?

Before selecting a dog sitter you should consider some essential things. In the following lines we would like to show d yours, what it depends on:

Inquire any qualifications:

Hundesitter braucht Qualifikationen und Vertrauen von Ihrem Hund

In all cases, you should take sufficient time to get to know the caregiver together with your four-legged friend. How extensive and meaningful are the previous experiences with dogs and their care as well as care.

Animal sitters, who claim to be professionals, should be able to show a certificate of competence according to the paragraph §11 of the animal protection law. If this certification is not available, the dog sitter is almost certainly not a certified professional. Do not be afraid to arrange non-binding entries in the calendar with other types of interested parties and cancel dog sitters if you do not have a good feeling about this.

Home dog care:

If the dog is not placed in the caregiver's apartment, but in your home, the apartment key must be given to your dog sitter. Without a good and secure relationship of trust, it is annoyingly not possible. Here, if possible, you should better rely on long-term existing private contacts or experience from the circle of friends.

The contract:

The most useful thing to do is to draw up a written contract in advance and have it signed by the caregiver of your choice beforehand. All necessary tasks, the financial compensation and the time span should be clearly stated here.

What should be the maximum cost of a good dog sitter?

The prices that dog sitters charge vary significantly. Numerous dog sitters offer their services privately, while others offer their services as dog sitting professionals. At this point, one can briefly mention that the private dog sitters are of course far cheaper than the "professionals". The supply and demand as well as the resulting prices differ by region, city and country. The dog sitter in the city often charges a higher price than the one in the countryside.

On average, the cost of a good dog sitter is far less than that of a boarding kennel. The exact prices can be researched nevertheless exclusively in the local environment and on the part of an exact search itself.

Dog sitter wanted - Where do I find the optimal dog sitter for my quadruped?

Wie finde ich einen richtigen Hundesitter?

The search for the ideal dog sitter does not show up at every time completely without difficulty. Often the local animal shelter can be helpful within such difficult decision. As a rule, massive lists with experienced dog sitters are available here.

In the meantime, there are equally detailed lists at the initiative "If you take my animal, I'll take your animal". This is a great and popular solution, because the pet owners assist and help each other without enormous financial compensation.

In addition, you will find on the web a number of portals that want to bring together dog owners and dog sitters. Very estimated are the platforms, Ebay classified advertisements, as well as Of course, there are many other providers who can help you find a suitable dog sitter.

Here you should mention absolutely not least that the dog owner apart from the evident profiles and evaluations, no safe proof for the applicability or even a control of the Hundesitter registered there can require.

Before you decide on a dog sitter of your choice, you should arrange a non-binding meeting between your four-legged friend and the dog sitter. Only in this way can you find out whether the dog sitter meets your wishes and whether the chemistry between him and your darling is right.

So, when looking for a dog sitter, as you can see, there exist roundends of assistance that can assist you in the course of the search and selection.