house-train a puppy

Housetraining puppies - how to get there

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Getting your puppy house trained requires patience and empathy. You also need to be observant. You should always be on the alert when your little puppy wants to do his business, so that you can take him outside immediately.

Please note that every puppy is individual and therefore has its own rhythm. Some puppies and dogs are quicker to learn new things. Others need a little more time. However, there are some helps to get your puppy housebroken. In the coming lines, you will find helpful tips and valuable information that you can use to get your puppy housebroken.

Have the right interaction with your puppy all the time

When a puppy moves into its new home, the first thing it wants to do is explore everything. Especially in the beginning, it is very helpful for your puppy if you regularly include him in some daily routines. However, fixed walking times are completely unnecessary at puppy age. Because the bladder of your puppy is still hardly trained is. Of course it is important that your puppy becomes house trained. However, as a baby dog, it is nearly impossible for him to control his business until the next walk. Most puppies do not learn to do this until they are about 12 to 16 weeks old.

In order for your puppy to become housebroken, you should always keep an eye on your little four-legged friend, preferably all day long. Of course, despite all the effort and attention, a small mishap can still occur. Please do not take this as a reason for punishment. Always remember that a puppy is like a toddler who is just training to become dry. How long the training actually takes depends on the learning speed of your puppy. It is therefore not possible to set a general time frame. It usually takes several weeks before your puppy is house trained.

These tips will help your puppy become house trained

In the best case, you will already recognize the first signs that your puppy urgently needs to go outside. Bring him in time before the door or to the desired place. Afterwards you should praise your puppy extensively if he has done his business there. It should be noted, however, that not every puppy will do its business in the same way.

Therefore, you should always keep an eye on your four-legged friend and observe him closely. With each still so small behavior change you should react as fast as possible. This will save you the work of wiping. There are a variety of different signs that could indicate that your four-legged friend needs to go to the toilet. We would like to give you an idea of some of them here:

  • General restlessness

  • Spinning around in circles

  • Whining and barking

  • Scratching (at the door, on the floor or on furniture)

  • Increased or purposeful sniffing

Important advice: If your puppy has to do his business remarkably often and maybe even loosens up more on his own sleeping place, then you should urgently consult a vet. This may be a bladder infection, which is very painful.

Small ways to help your puppy become housebroken

Of course, there is no magic to getting your puppy housebroken. However, with these little helps and tips, as well as good observation skills and a quick reaction time, you can avoid a mishap or two. You can do little wrong if you give your puppy frequent opportunities to defecate.

  • It's a good idea to take your puppy outside both before and after each meal.

  • You should go outside immediately after napping. This is because it has been shown that puppies need to relieve themselves urgently, especially after waking up.

  • As soon as your pet has done his business, praise is preferably in order. Don't skimp on the pleasure. Praise your puppy effusively and almost exaggeratedly, only in this way he understands that he has done everything right.

  • Puppies are like toddlers. They want to be kept busy and have fun, but romping and exploring can be extremely exciting and exhausting, so always remember to take small breaks in the grass when playing with your pet.

  • Puppies learn to be housetrained fastest when they know where they are allowed to get loose. Therefore, it makes sense to always put your dog in the same place. The little creatures are smart and quickly recognize this place as their "toilet".

  • Just like us humans, dogs and puppies should also have the opportunity to do their business in the evening before going to bed. So grab your four-legged friend and start a little evening walk outside together.

  • Not every puppy is dry the entire night from the beginning. Therefore, in the beginning, you should also go outside with your puppy at night. To avoid a possible mishap, you should set an alarm clock and take your puppy outside every three to four hours. This is time-consuming, but only for a short period of time. Your puppy will quickly learn to control himself at night.

Fixed feeding times are important for housetraining your puppy.

About three meals a day are suitable for puppies. However, the food does not have to be in the bowl exactly on the minute. The set times can of course vary a little. Your puppy will thank you very much if you distribute small portions throughout the day. This way your puppy does not have to digest large and heavy portions. In addition, you will also be able to orientate yourself better when training your puppy to become dry. If you know exactly when and how much your four-legged friend has eaten, it will be much easier for you to guess the exact toilet times.

Advice from the expert: Do you play with the thought of the feed self-regulation? Then, if possible, you should wait until your puppy is housebroken. This means that your puppy can always decide for itself how much it wants to eat, regardless of the time of day.

Nightly rounds to avoid potential mishaps.

There are some puppies who, at around 12 to 16 weeks of age, manage to sleep through the night for up to 8 hours without having to go outside. However, it only works if your four-legged friend has not had any liquids the night before bedtime.

However, you should not get the idea to put away the water bowl in the evening. Also puppies should always have clean and fresh drinking water available. As already mentioned, it is advisable to take your puppy out every few hours at night, especially in the beginning. However, you should limit yourself to the most important and necessary things. Nocturnal play sessions are therefore taboo and can be carried out the next morning. This is the only way to get your puppy house trained.

Fixed walk times at the beginning pointless

In order to get your puppy house-trained as quickly as possible, you should offer him the opportunity to relieve himself outside the apartment at regular intervals. However, fixed walking times at the beginning make little sense. You have to react according to the change of behaviour and this completely independent of fixed rounds.

It is important that the first action of the day is to go outside. After that, you should take your puppy outside at hourly intervals so that he can defecate as needed. If this works well, then the times between each walk can gradually be increased a little. This will eventually get you to the goal of fixed times for your walks.

What to watch out for and avoid in the event of a mishap

If you want your puppy to be housebroken, then you should consider small toilet mishaps as accidents only. Your puppy has no intention of teasing you. He is currently just in a learning phase. Please do not punish your puppy in any way. Because this would not be purposeful. Animals, but especially puppies, cannot link their misbehaviour to subsequent punishment.

Many pet owners give unpalatable advice, such as pushing the dog into its own caused excrement with its nose. Such punishments are completely inappropriate and will only further frighten your puppy. Therefore, this will only have a counterproductive effect on housetraining. Simply clean the soiled area without saying any bad words to your puppy. Afterwards, you should take your puppy outside again directly so that he can relieve himself one more time if necessary. If this is the case, then a strong and cheerful praise is in order, regardless before the situation before. Important: Please clean the soiled area very carefully. This is because puppies tend to relieve themselves quickly in the same spot again. Therefore, no residue or odor should be left on the spot.

Housebreaking a puppy - Here's what you should consider in conclusion

The walks do not have to be too long. However, you should not just quickly put your puppy out the door and bring him back inside after just 2 minutes. In that case, you need to stay with him until he actually relieves himself. This is followed by the aforementioned praising. Please make sure that you only give the praise when your four-legged friend is really ready. Puppies are like toddlers, they get distracted very quickly and forget what they were trying to do. But you should also not wait too long with the praise, because otherwise your puppy can no longer link it properly.

If you apply all these tips and advice, you will see how easy it is to housebreak your puppy.