Sturdy Nylon LED Light Collar with USB Connector

Leuchthalic band with strong luminosity and luminosity

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This high-quality processed, stable and splash-proof LED light collar is an absolute MUST for every dog owner! Especially for the evening or early walk in the dark with your dog always counts "safety first", because who is seen first - will not be overlooked in the dark or at dusk with our dog light collar.

The luminous collar is just great we are convinced of its popularity and we are pleased to present you the part brand new:

  • LIGHT: the intense LED light with high luminosity can be switched in three different light functions via the On/Off button(flashing light short or longand continuous light). The LED is available in four different color variants: pink, red, green and blue.
  • FORMAT: the collar has a width of 2,5cm and is available in the sizes S (neck circumference: 31-38cm), M (neck circumference: 34-45cm) and L (neck circumference: 50-57cm)
  • BATTERY: the lithium-ion battery has a light duration of 4h in continuous light and in fast flashing light a light duration of about 6-8h. The battery can be fully charged within two hours. The battery of the light band is connected to a standard USB power supply (e.g. from a smartphone) via the supplied USB cable for charging. By using a rechargeable battery, the light collar is sustainable compared to collars with a battery.
  • MATERIAL: the collar is extremely sturdy due to its nylon nature, weighs 130g and will also be popular with owners of large dogs. The inside is smooth and does not rub on the neck of the dog, therefore, the collar has a high wearing comfort for both short-haired dogs, as well as long-haired dogs.

Please note when selecting the collar our size chartwhich can be clicked on this page further down. When measuring the neck circumference, please leave about two fingers of space between the measuring tape and the neck of your dog.

The advantage of a light collar over a reflector is obvious - it works even when it is completely dark. A reflector always needs the backlight of another vehicle. With our new LED safety collar you and your four-legged friend are safe in the dark or dusk along the road traffic on your walk.

Note: we recommend for the use of our LED light collar for larger dog breeds that pull strongly into the leash, the use of a dog harness.

size Neck circumference (in cm) Width (in cm)
S31 - 38 2,5
M 34 - 452,5
L 50 - 57 2,5

Im Lieferumfang dieses Produkts Batterien oder Akkus enthalten. Als Händler sind wir gesetzlich dazu verpflichtet Sie darauf hinzuweisen, dass Altbatterien oder Akkus nicht in den Hausmüll entsorgt werden dürfen. Sie können gebrauchte Batterien oder Akkus unentgeltlich an unserem Versandlager zurückgeben. Sie sind als Verbraucher zur Rückgabe von Altbatterien gesetzlich verpflichtet, daher können Sie diese an einer kommunalen Sammelstelle oder im Handel an den entsprechenden Sammelstellen fachgerecht entsorgen. Weiterhin haben Sie die Möglichkeit alte Batterien oder Akkus zurückzusenden - wir entsorgen diese für Sie unentgeltlich: GmbH
Hauptstrasse 60
67307 Göllheim

Schadstoffhaltige Batterien oder Akkus sind mit einem Zeichen, bestehend aus einer durchgestrichenen Mülltonne und dem chemischen Symbol (Cd, Hg oder Pb) des für die Einstufung als schadstoffhaltig ausschlaggebenden Schwermetalls versehen:

  1. „Cd"  steht für Cadmium.
  2. „Hg" steht für Quecksilber.
  3. „Pb" steht für Blei.


  • PERSONAL FACTSSkip your favorite necklace your personal note.
  • INTEGRATIONDo not buy a product that another dog is already wearing, because NOW you have this very collar.
  • PERFECT CHINESE-Whether it's the dog's birthday present or Christmas, your four-legged will certainly enjoy it!
  • GREAT SELECTION-We offer you a wide selection of personalized collars and dishes
  •  SERIOSITY -We are a company based in Germany. We ensure the smooth delivery to our customers. For this reason we are also certified Trustedside. Only proven real companies receive this certificate

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